Migration opportunities through work is available worldwide for low, semi and skilled workers.

Work World Jobs is always in search of government programs that allow employers in those countries to hire foreign nationals. Some of these programs can potentially lead to permanent residency. Temporary Foreign Worker Programs are designed by the governments to allow licensed employers to hire foreign nationals to fill low and semi-skilled labor shortages in certain positions when those positions cannot be filled with their own citizens.

These programs have advantages and disadvantages. The best advantage to a candidate is the job itself. When moving to a foreign country it guarantees income and allows the foreign worker to assimilate faster in the new culture. It also protects the foreign worker from mistreatment and human trafficking.

The most common disadvantage for the workers of these Temporary Foreign Worker Programs is the large number of applicants, which requires the candidates to stand out to obtain a job offer. For the employer it is the stringent, costly and time-consuming licensing procedure to hire foreign workers.

The candidates wishing to apply to these programs must prove they are admissible to the destination country, by virtue of:

  1. Relevant work experience
  2. Clean criminal record
  3. Pose no threat to their national security
  4. Be in good health
  5. Have the finances to support himself and return to his/her country of origin once the job is completed

The roadmap to working abroad is straightforward, and we divide them in two phases:

Phase 1:

  1. Preparation of a professional Resume
  2. Networking and looking for jobs
  3. Going through job interviews

Phase 2:

  1. Obtaining a job offer
  2. Appling for a visa
  3. Getting visa approved
  4. Preparing to move abroad

The hardest step for a candidate is obtaining a job offer. Work World Jobs provides assistance to candidates primarily with phase 1, by making their profiles visible to licensed employers in the country where they desire to work. HOWEVER, obtaining a job offer, a work permit and finally the Temporary Foreign Worker Visa are prerogatives of the corresponding authorities -the employer, the diplomatic or consular mission and the Border Control Officer, respectively. Read the CANDIDATE section on this website to learn about the some of the programs Work World Jobs currently have available.

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